because you're always where i need to be.

'lena (this is math)
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here i am.
'lena //Music lover, internet whore, bookworm, queerdo, nature addict, teenager and sometimes hedonist.

meeting new people, feminism, uncertainty, free movies, microwave popcorn, saltwater taffy, computers, graphics, free programs, good music, bad music, girls, boys, mexican food, cooking, chinese food, bandannas, vitamin waters, rolling down hills, barton springs, knitting, activism, the news, crocheting, language, helvetica, quotes, lyrics, aluminum foil, poetry, prose, everything in between, rebelling when it doesn't really matter, exercising, Savage Love, wandering around, bus passes, free days, futons and sunshine in the summer.

homophobes, people who use the word gay as a synonym for shitty, people who won't listen, the flu, the font comic sans, FOX (barely even) News, corporate America, people who won't help when it's in their power to, oppression and having nowhere to go.

to learn Spanish, to wander the world, to adopt kids, to make something beautiful, to make something ugly, to write letters to someone she's never going to meet.

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